The Six Sages
Formerly the six sages and the light. Everything Zelda! Although uncommon, NSFW will be tagged. This is not a spoiler free blog!
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studying to become a teacher is really hard when I have hyrule warriors next to me

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Impa is insanely powerful I love it

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If anyone wants friends for hyrule warriors, feel free to add me! My miiverse name is starryheaven

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Yeees rutos golden scale
Ruto is literally my spirit animal I love her so much

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Warning for those of us whom have the prima strategy guide for hyrule warriors
Ive been using it for the adventure mode and some of the search squares where they list what you need to search for are wrong and some of the rewards are wrong and stuff. I know in one square they told me to use a candle but you needed to use a power bracelet so yeah just word of warning

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My experience with the Ganondorf Levels in Hyrule Warriors:
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Some of these adventure mode challenges are stupid hard.
Still trying to get over to zant but he’s the last unlock I need for characters.
Highest level is 40 which is Zel hahaha I’m trying to get sheik to her level

midna’s aoes are so beautiful

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last night i was having the fucking hardest and worst time playing as ruto

then this morning woke up and played her like i’ve been playing her my whole life

what the fuck this is what 10+hours a day of hyrule warriors does to you

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fucking ghirahim you piece of shit why were you so hard to get

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